Cheems: Water

Cheems (or perhaps Cheeeems) is the alias of a London based producer, unintentionally elusive to find via social media. Cheems’ music is hard to compare to the work of another musician, his soundcloud a disparate collection of different textures and instruments that is uniquely his own. Among his catalogue are piano solos, lo-fi acoustic jams, and downtempo dance music. His track “Water” is delightful and similarly diverse: it encompasses growled singing, a piano sonata, jazz drums, and an awfully soulful guitar solo. At times the track seems like 4 songs in one, darting erratically between instruments and time signatures. “Water” is an astoundingly adventurous and creative track from someone with less than 200 Soundcloud followers.

You can find Cheems’ music on Soundcloud.

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