Sir KN8

Sir KN8 (pronounced Sir Nate) is an NYC-based adjunct lecturer in Classics at Hunter College who moonlights as a rather philosophical rapper, and we’re happy to premiere two tracks from him: “YLALO” and “EVENTS.” These bad boys are taken from his upcoming full-length THROBS OF EXPERIENCE, which seems like a pretty intense release, judging from the title at least. In any case, click play and keep reading.

“YLALO” tells a story about acronyms used frequently in hip-hop, beginning with the Drake-branded “you only live once,” or “YOLO.” KN8 views this as a pretty strong assumption – and, philosophically speaking, he isn’t wrong. Life after death is unknowable stuff, so basically any strong metaphysical statements on that subject are going to be as non-rational as “God exists” or “God doesn’t exist and you’re dumb for thinking so.” The second acronym we’re treated to is “YALA,” or “you always live again”; KN8 says the same objection applies, and decides to shoot for something safer, something in the middle ground. YLALO. You live at least once.

I am sorry Drake, you’ve made an assumption that I, KN8, cannot possibly make, conceivably this life we’re in now wherein we make mirth is just one pit stop among countless rebirths

This commanding, grin-inducing tidbit is delivered over thumping bassline and whooping horn parts, which I honestly didn’t think hard about until the track was well underway. The production on this one is real subtle, and its most noticeable sample is probably a harmon-muted trumpet part that makes me think of Tribe beats. Sir KN8 has been compared to early-era Beck before, and here it seems like a particularly appropriate reference – KN8 deals in witticisms and smooth hybrid production with all the same swagger. The second track on this premiere, “EVENTS,” is a much shorter one that pokes fun at all the thought (too much thought) that goes into attending an event before it goes down with chop-and-screw production that reminds me strongly of The Avalanches.

Will my will to participate more actively than is appropriate for the context interfere wit h my ability to appreciate the moment in its purity?
Do you think anyone there will find me sexually relatable?
Will I find anyone relatable at all?
What are the formal possibilities for social relation at the present stage in cultural consciousness?
Are there limits to consciousness, and if so, what are they?
How long will the event be?
How many hours after the indicated time will it begin?

All in all, this is a pretty strong showing – keep up with Sir KN8 on facebook and go stream more of his music on soundcloud.

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