Quality Cinema: basement show

I’ve been following the work of Quality Cinema, a dude named John from East Lansing, Michigan, for quite some time now. His work is a mixture of what one might call bedroom pop with drippier electronic elements, and his voice (often reminiscent of The Antlers’ Peter Silbermann with soulful, high-pitched emotion) is the highlight of his work in many ways. The first track from his most recent release, “fake something” (as contrasted to the previous one, “real nothing,” which was more inclined towards chillwave or pure nostalgic electronica) is called “basement show,” characterized by delay-soaked vocals centered around an other (“… your face,” “… asking for your name,” and so on). The track is relaxed all the way through, but slowly picks up momentum over the course of its brief two minutes; one of Quality Cinema’s greatest talents appears to be keeping things subtle and trimmed of excess. One feels the energy of the underground music, but isn’t overpowered by it — enchanted is a better description, maybe. “fake something,” as his longest release, is composed of only six tracks, all of which are under 3 minutes long… clearly, we’re meant to be waiting for something bigger, and I’m excited for whatever he puts out next. (His bandcamp, after all, promises more new music in 2014!)

You can download Fake Something on Bandcamp for free, or you can pay for it, you cheap bastard.

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