Amani Fela: Night Zoo (prod. jax) [VIDEO]

amani fela

I probably could have seen this collaboration coming. Amani Fela is a NYC-based rapper and all-around thoughtful dude who sometimes works at Bushwick music venue Palisades. Preston Spurlock, the guy who made this video, is perhaps best known for making a solid chunk of Palisades’ show posters; you’ll see his work featured on poster curation efforts like the Ohmyrockness instagram, or just all over your facebook feed if you’re the type who frequents NYC concerts.

Pastel-colored space cubes rotate in sync as Amani begins the track with his memorable lyricism (“the bitter city wind blows / stone cold as the look in the eyes of a sold soul”). The dominant imagery of Spurlock’s video is glitched-out, far-too-colorful amalgam editing that features lots of retro footage from infomercials and the like. Old women and anime characters are used with equal weight to create a weirdly referential yet detached atmosphere (is that a clip of zebras? A woman in front of a house with a negative filter only over her face?). The production is simple – 808-vibe drum clicks, a chunky synth tone playing a descending progression, and some weirder effects which act as fills between Amani’s ever-present verse. It’s pretty crazy how many apt words he fits into a minute and a half… if you haven’t read through the lyrics, now is probably a good time to start.

i fall farther and farther into my ambiguity, its so new to me but feels like home
whatever i hold true to me feels quite gone
like the snow on the pavement when salts is thrown
stalk the tone of patience I’m too familiar with it
since when did freedom of expression turn to stealing minutes
niqqas working to project a certain expectation
a certain standard that the rest are making
setting limits on themselves
i wish them well
sail adfrift in the midst of this bliss i avail

You can keep up with Amani Fela on social media or listen to more of his music on his soundcloud.

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