Ackerman: Trip (ft. the Alien Sounds)

Ackerman shares his new video for "Trip."

Ackerman is the ambient electronic project of one NYC resident Jordan McAfee, and he’s just released a new video for “Trip” made by fellow NYU student Dominick Chang. We last heard from Ackerman when we covered his single “10:56 AM (Natural Causes)” ahead of his most recent album, Sleep Songs. “Trip” was on there too, but it didn’t have a video. Now it does, and it’s pretty out there, man. Check it out.

This video is, well… Trippy. How else could I describe it? Weird, technicolor filters make their lazy way across the screen as the vocal track purrs “millions of thoughts going through me,” providing a nice haze of feels and grooves and visuals in which the listener might lose himself. Sonically, it reminds me strongly of Bibio with the initial guitar loop and clap sounds and mellow vocal harmonies. It’s perhaps a little more soulful, even; this is definitely music you FEEL, not music you contemplate or pontificate upon. Maybe there’s a little bit of pontificating involved, I guess everything is subjective. In any case, it’s a cool video, except that damn ugly font at the end. Dominick, you really gotta get some better fonts. Heh.

You can catch Ackerman performing live at the Knitting Factory next Monday, September 14. Or, you can creep his social media / stream his music on Bandcamp.

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