Caine Casket: New Jerusalem EP

Caine Casket

Emmanuel Harmon (alias Caine Casket) is a 20-year-old hip-hop artist and producer hailing from New Jersey who just released his debut EP New Jerusalem. We’re lucky enough to be hosting an EP release show for him at our favorite Manhattan video game gallery turned electronic music venue, Babycastles, this very Sunday, November 22. Here’s a link to the Facebook RSVP. Now, let’s take a peek at his new EP, shall we?

The opener on this record, “Al – Isra,” can only fit one description: lit. Wavering synth modulations and reverb-soaked percussive elements flesh out a mellow mid-tempo beat underneath Caine’s suave musings. “Looking for some clarity” emerges as the focal point of his lyrics, but I can’t say that my listening experience is lacking in clarity whatsoever; Prof Logic’s production is crystal-clear, and I have absolutely no complaints with the vocal delivery. It’s a confident beginning to a refreshing 4-track EP. We’ve already written some words about the second track, “Garden,” a minute-and-a-half interlude verse which somehow manages to be even more mellow and groovy.

Caine Casket: New Jerusalem EP

“Pseudonine” begins with a trap-influenced click-percussion wavy-keys feel and a challenging first verse (“come and fuck with the king; come and fuck with the Caine”) that gives way to a less aggressive second two-thirds of the track whose production weirdly reminds me of Shigeto. Caine really knows how to pick his producers, I’ll say that much – the beats are varied, smooth, and appropriately rhythmic and stutter-y. The female vocal hook near the end of “Pseudonine” (“I don’t wanna be a killer”), well, it hooks me, it hooks me real good. I’m sold. The final track, “Crucifixion,” continues the trend of melancholy mid-tempo verses with feelsy vocal-harmony hooks, making the ending to the EP a coherent and compelling one.

You can keep up with Caine Casket on social media and download the New Jerusalem EP on his site. Don’t forget to come see him perform live on Sunday!

Caine Casket EP Release Show at Babycastles

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