WindfallFound – Soaring (Pulling For The Heavens Pt. 1) [VIDEO]

Ontario Canada band WindfallFound

WindfallFound is a band hailing from St Catharines, Ontario who has released music since 2013. Their latest offering comes in the form of a space-y video, which is accompanied by the poetic manifesto:
Welcome to a journey into the future;
A journey for everyone today into the everywhere of tomorrow.
Let us explore together the future:
A future not of dreams, but of realities.

Directed by WindfallFound and Evan Gwartz, the soundscape weaved by the group is as dreamy and cosmic as the imagery provided by the video. Comprised of archival footage sourced from various rocket launches and science fiction films, the grainy quality of the video combined with the sonic atmosphere of the track makes for a surreal experience. I would hesitate to classify the music as post-rock, but the sprawling instrumental landscapes and sweeping synths make it a tempting classification to make. The track is littered with audio samples from the 1960’s, soundbits referencing rocket power, jet propulsion, and the inevitable cosmic future ahead of us.

While it’s easy for the optimism/futurism of the 1960s to turn into pastiche, WindfallFound manages to sonically convey the uncertainty and wonder of perceiving the cosmos and capture it in a three minute package.

You can download WindfallFound’s music on their bandcamp.

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