Water: Fishes

Water band NYC

Brooklyn-based psych slackers Water just released a new track “Fishes” (appropriately and relevantly titled) ahead of their debut EP which comes out Thursday, and we’ve got the premiere all ready for you to stream!

The first vocal melody of “Fishes” reminds me strongly of Netherlands-based baroque psych-popper Jacco Gardner; lilting, deliberate, and fairly simple. The production is noticeably crisp and satisfying – every smack of the tambourine is tangible, and the bass/guitar/synth lines do a good job of staying out of each other’s way. Around a minute and a half into the song, things get considerably heavier with the addition of a tripped-out lead guitar and full drum sounds. When vocals come in, we’re left in the middle of a more driving and tense environment – and it’s a successful transition – but production-wise I’m left feeling like a little bit more could have been done with Jack’s voice. Some trippy stereo panning, perhaps? In any case, before I was even done typing out vocals commentary, a delightfully weird progressive instrumental jam appears to fill the space between vocal deliveries. “It’s best to keep us all confused,” Jack sings; I for one don’t feel too confused, at least not as a listener. All in all, pretty great track.

You can keep up with Water on social media or stare at their bandcamp and eagerly await new music. More importantly, you can see them in the flesh at their release show this Thursday, October 1 at Alphaville in Brooklyn (link).

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