SOUR CREAM from Sydney released their debut EP independently on bandcamp. “Full Crab” (both the EP and the eponymous track) is scuzzy-psych infused with stoner doom metal. The instrumentals have a drone metal soundscape of heavily riffed psych rock, rendered with tuned-down guitars and jangly drumming. SOUR CREAM reminds me of Hookworms’ 2013 release (fuzzy, psychedelic, noisy rock sounds, reverbed vocals with delicate accent), but I humbly prefer the harder and more crunchy sound of SOUR CREAM to the more accessible indie rock palate. Two of the tracks on Full Crab are without vocals, the last being a 10 minute ambient drone song containing primarily guitar feedback and inperceptible “oooh”s. SOUR CREAM doesn’t care about conventions of metal or rock music, and it’s charming.

From the chain smoking crab on their album cover (and the cheeky EP title Full Crab), it seems that SOUR CREAM, though doused in fuzzed-out and ominous orchestration, doesn’t take their metal with the grave seriousness of their contemporaries. At some point in “Vitamin R”, vocalist Morgan Anthony shouts out “FUCKING CAR SALESMAN!” with an earnest snarkiness that would make the trve kvlt cringe. Full Crab is cheeky, crunchy, and unpretentious, and that’s what makes their music intensely palatable and enjoyable to listen to.

You can find SOUR CREAM lurking on bandcamp.

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