Kolourz: The Age of Stars


Kolourz is an Atlanta-based musician and production wizard. His album, The Age of Stars, is one part video game music, one part new-age meditation massage music, one part instrumental hip hop. If these seem like disparate elements, listen to the music first. Kolours melds an expansive soundscape into a spiritual journey.

Jazzed-out trap drums, fingerpicked guitars, and recurrent horns give the entire album a paced and mellow mood. Though made with many electronic sounds, Kolourz’ music retains a very organic feeling, like something in the realm of Nujabes or DJ Okawari. The masterful electric piano and synthesizer playing is soulful and hypnotic.

Another interesting point: the artwork for The Age of Stars was contributed by the Los Angeles-based artist Leigh McCloskey, who also designed the artwork for Flying Lotus’ 2010 album Cosmogramma. There are obvious elements of kinship between the two albums. The Age of Stars feels like a lot of things at once – chill, elemental, mystical, subtle, and undeniably full of soul.

You can listen to the entire album here on Soundcloud.

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