Iglooghost: Peanut Choker

Iglooghost: Peanut Choker

Last we heard from yung British soundsmith Iglooghost, he had just released his flawless EP Chinese Nü Yr on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. Now he’s just dropped “Peanut Choker,” a teaser track from his upcoming Little Grids EP (a collection of B-sides). Take a listen to his streamlined wobble-bass musings and witness Iglooghost’s crazy level of consistency for yourself.

All things considered, “Peanut Choker” isn’t a substantially different track from any of Iglooghost’s most recent material, but as a listener I can appreciate the comfort zones of artistry, especially when the norm for Iglooghost is so far away from the norm for so many other artists. The track begins with a very relaxed, delicate set of synth pads and clinking percussion, almost quiet enough to trick you into thinking Iglooghost made a wholly ambient track – but then the bass drops in, and its furious pummeling shows me that my expectations were pretty damn wrong. Again, the attention deficit of tracks like this makes me recall the relentless cadence of Venetian Snares, but somehow Iglooghost surpasses VS in terms of pure melody and soulful vocal sampling. I’m really into the clinking, tonal percussive sounds on this number, too; makes me think of Shigeto, which isn’t usually a reference I would make on an Iglooghost track. In terms of narrative, Iglooghost tells us that this track is meant to go along with Xiangiao (an interdimensional worm) “being launched through a tiresome void of peanut rain,” and I definitely feel the weariness of interdimensional travel on this one (a sentence I never thought I’d be typing out, but oh well). All in all, “Peanut Choker” doesn’t really surge into new territory as far as Iglooghost’s experimentation is concerned, but it’s certainly more quality content that fans will enjoy.

Keep up with Iglooghost on facebook and stream his shiz on soundcloud.

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