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yooo school has started, labor day has passed, summer has ended. check out these 15 tracks inspired by cooler temps to keep the tunes in your ears fresh as you walk to class.

Joyce Manor – End of the Summer

Joyce Manor is a band from Torrance, California. They play fervent punks songs and are notoriously against stage diving.

Mitski – Francis Forever

Mitski (Mitski Miyawaki) is a multi-instrumentalist and performer whose album, bury me at makeout creek, received critical acclaim last year.

“and autumn comes when you’re not yet done
with the summer passing by, but
I don’t think I could stand to be
where you don’t see me”

Dylan Owen – The Book Report

Dylan Owen is an alternative rap artist from New York who also wrote an ode to summer’s end. How can the the word “book report” not invoke repressed memories?

ZOX – Little More Time

ZOX is a band from Providence, RI, which wikipedia describes as “violin-laced indie-rock”. Two hyphens.

Little Sur – Summer
Little Sur is not a river in California, it’s actually a musician from New York.

American Football – The Summer Ends
Illinois’ American Football’s music is tinged with tumbling guitars and brass instruments, a somber mix of 90’s nostaglia and adolescent magic.

Bob Dylan – Girl From North County
You know who Bob Dylan is, lol.

The Weeks – Slave to the South

The Weeks is a rock band from Jackson, Mississippi.
“And I know of a place that gets slow when it rains
With a sky that’s as blue as the blood in my veins”

The Felice Brothers – Frankie’s Gun!
The Felice Brothers are actually several brothers with the surname of Felice… Kind of like the Jonas Brothers. Anyway, they have roots playing in NYC subway stations their blend of indie rock and country.

Fountains of Wayne – Hey Julie

Fountains of Wayne (best known for “Stacy’s Mom”) is a rock band formed in New York City in 1996.

Dawes – A Little Bit of Everything
?So in the day in late September
It’s not some stupid little ring
I’m giving a little bit of everything”

Sam Lachow – King Lear
Sam Lachow is a producer/rapper from Seattle/NYC.

Luke Doucet and the White Falcons

Luke Doucet is the name of a Canadian guitarist, formerly for Sarah Mclachlan. His own music is 70’s tinged alt-country.

Sufjan Stevens – Eugene

You probably know who Sufjan Stevens is, and I’m going to tell you anyway. Sufjan Stevens is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Michigan, whose folk-tinged indie music takes heavy inspiration from Christianity.

Foo Fighters – Summer’s End
Cuz Dave Grohl.

Badass photo by Valerie of ucumari Photography.

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