Omoh: It’s Only You

The name “Omoh” derives from the Latin word “homo”, meaning human. The group is comprised of Bogota, Colombia natives Andrés Rebellón and Sara Montoya, whose buttery smooth pop creations combine guitars, pianos, synthesizers, and curious samples. The track feels as luxurious as the soft impressionist album cover might imply, mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

“It’s Only You” is the first track off of their recently released EP, Santa Clara. The song’s structure is two parts, alternating the singing between Montoya and Rebellón. There is a definite jazz influence on the track, though at times it’s not so obvious. “It’s Only You” has a hypnotic and meditative quality, lush with smooth instruments and relaxing (if often mumbled) vocals.

You can listen to the rest of Santa Clara on Omoh’s bandcamp.

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