Don’t You(,) Mean People?: Predecessor Predecessor

don't you mean people

Don’t You(,) Mean People? is an instrumental math rock band from Thunder Bay, Ontario. “Predecessor Predecessor” is a single from their first studio full-length Who Cares?, which you can contribute to on indiegogo.

This song probably isn’t the ‘mathiest’ in the DY(,)MP sonic inventory, but its polished clean tones and tight jams definitely make a strong impression on the listener. It begins with some jaunty full-band hits with some nice string pads in the background which I wish stuck around for longer. Most of the track is devoted to this sort of downtempo-yet-bouncy jam, and around the 4 minute mark there’s a pretty entertaining broken-glass sound which cues a more intense jam for around the last minute or so. On the whole, I’m strongly reminded of a band from my high school town, Vasudeva, so this song fills me with pleasant nostalgia. It also ends with a vibraslap hit, which is fantastic.

You can hear more from Don’t You(,) Mean People? on their bandcamp and keep up with them on social media. Also, here’s some dude with an accent explaining what a vibraslap is.

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