Lucki Eck$: None Other [VIDEO]


I’m just 18, they said I’m dumb, but that’s what Xanny’s do…

ICYMI, Lucki Eck$ put out one of the best mixtapes of 2014, the smooth and sedated Body High. In the interim, Lucki’s evidently been working on some new music, including an excellent collab with Chance the Rapper (“Stevie Wonder”) and, hot off the presses with some accompanying visuals, “None Other”.

Despite his youth (he was born closer to Y2k than 1990), Lucki forcefully announces his supremacy, masterfully making use of some extended metaphors and name dropping NFL’ers Randy Moss and Devin Hester. The lurching production by Bulletproof Dolphin complements Lucki’s melty drawl on the verses with some misplaced backbeats and a melodic sub-bass low end. @LCWorldPeace sums up my feelings on Lucki for the year ahead:

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