Kaydee: Mission Statement (Prod. Sammir)


Kaydee is a hip-hop artist from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada). His latest track “Mission Statement” marks his return to music after his 2014 release The Transition. Kaydee recently participated in Canadian music week with the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Denzel Curry.

Mission Statement’s production has a quiet and velvety quality, delicate trap drums washing over warm-toned synths. It’s a great juxtaposition with Kaydee’s flow. He absolutely rips through his verses with a brutal determination, not pausing until his refrain of “BKS coming for you” fades into nothingness.


It’s not all so serious, though. Kaydee seems playful and self aware, humor coming out in self deprecating honesty: “We came from the bottom / We still at the bottom / We turnin’ some heads so that proof”. He infuses his lyrics with some amusing, Kanye-like jabs: “All you pricks like a porcupine”. Despite the smoothness of the beat and the cheekiness of the lyrics, Kaydee’s flow goes hard and intense – not surprising for a song called “Mission Statement”. His credence is clear: he’s in the game, and not leaving anytime soon.

You can find Kaydee on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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