Hot Glew: Contact High

Contact High by Hot Glew

Hot Glew has been BUSY. After releasing his well received debut LP May I Come In? in July, Nashville’s Brett Keller (aka Hot Glew) dropped a follow up EP late September titled Contact High, and I’m feeling the buzz. Stream a couple tracks from the EP below and grab a copy of it on his bandcamp.

The short four track long EP shows off a lot of producing chops that Brett has been fine-tuning while helping make music with other artists and doing some mastering on the side. There are two tracks where Brett sings in his drone-y monotone like style that fit well the moniker, but it’s the instrumental tracks that really pulled me in.

“Away” is the second song and has an explosive bass drum, held out dreamy synths, and an overall sound that one can get hypnotized or lost in. I wouldn’t mind if it was 10 minutes long because it would save me the trouble of constantly hitting replay. “Float” is the other instrumental number on Contact High, and it seemed like Brett had the most fun with this one as there’s a lot going on over a tribal style beat (but it never seems jumbled). His music is hard to describe, but I think that’s a very good thing.

Buy a copy of Contact High on his bandcamp and keep an eye out for more from Hot Glew. Something tells me he’s just getting warmed up.

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