Ton-Taun: Crazy Horse (Party’s Over)

Ton-Taun is Lancaster’s best-kept secret, but not for long.

Ton-Taun has been involved in the Lancaster and Philly scenes for quite some time now and their new track “Crazy Horse (Party’s Over)” shows just how much they’ve progressed over the years. I’ve always enjoyed their music, but their most recent album You’re Not Doing It Right is their best effort so far.

The band’s chemistry is evident on the album and in live performances – not only that, they’re clearly having fun, too! It’s only natural that after playing together since 2007, some confidence builds up and allows them to get goofy and think about being entertaining instead of just playing the songs correctly. Whether it’s having a horse-masked keyboard player or lead singer Jordan Capizzi switching out a microphone for a megaphone this band has plenty up its sleeve to keep a longer set fresh the whole way through. Same goes for the band’s sound. They have the introspective chilled out songs as well as the party starting rockers. Capizzi’s lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard in recent memory and guitarist Aaron Binder does a great job of filling them in with catchy hooks and leads. The opening track off the new one called “Crazy Horse (Party’s Over)” showcases that beautifully. It’s a noise-ridden jam that will be stuck in your head for days after and sounds a bit like My Bloody Valentine but with clearer, more existential vocals. I don’t like long write-ups, so in short, go see this band live and grab their new album before they blow up (and considering they’ve already opened for Built to Spill, that shouldn’t be long). You will then be on the right track to “Doing It Right”. I’m sorry, I had to…

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