PWR BTTM: Ugly Cherries


PWR BTTM is a Hudson-based garage punk duo composed of some wonderful queers, and the self-titled single from their new album Ugly Cherries came out last week via Father/Daughter Records. The full album will be out September 18 via F/D and Miscreant. The link below isn’t really a music video, but you can watch animated sparks fly as the new track seduces your brain waves.

A rollicking guitar lick opens into a fairly simple and crash-heavy drum rhythm before the extremely catchy vocal melody sets in with smart and cutting lyrical abandon (“my girl, gets scared, can’t take him anywhere”). The second verse blesses us with a super pleasant background synth pad and cathartic/melodic yelling in both vocal and instrumental formats. Something about this band just channels a deep excitement for me – even with just a two minute track, there’s a palpable energy which stays with me in post-track silence. The droney fade-out at the end also helps to ensure pleasant listener-feels – always great to hear a punk-styled band that knows how to mess around with less harsh textures. All in all, a super enjoyable two-minute track that promises a lot of potential for the rest of the album; super stoked to play with these guys this week!

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