Chakita: Tiny Lights


Chakita is a lush instrumental electronic duo hailing from California (“LA to The Bay”). There’s a famous distinction in sound art between natural and artificial sound – as it turns out, it can be extremely difficult to distinguish the two categories (especially if the person making the sound has also been concerned with this difference). The first word that comes to mind listening to this music is ‘organic,’ and not with any of the bullshit food marketing connotations. It sounds like organic musicality and also a sort of naturalist electronic production, if that’s even a coherent statement to make.

“Tiny Lights” is an extremely pretty and polished composition, combining modulated string plucks with synth pads and mellow, glitchy breakbeats. The track begins with a sort of raindrop sound effect and glitchy tempo-keeping tones which build into an ornate string progression and a bustling beat that sounds like a bunch of pieces of wood smacking together. It’s like a combination of actual natural environments and our imagination of their emotional content, which is something I can really get behind. I’m super stoked to hear more from these guys.

Chakita is touring through California during this month, and also releasing their debut EP through Verdant Sound. You can grab it on their bandcamp.

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