Dripping Gems: Forever Turned to A Year


Dripping Gems is Parker Anderson, a Long Beach based producer and audio engineer who just 2 days ago released his behemoth of an LP, Issues.

From the first beat of “Forever Turned to a Year”, cheesy, nostalgic synthesizers swirl around prominent, crashing snare hits. Dripping Gems does seem to have found a definitive sound: “Forever Turned to a Year”, like most of his tracks on Issues, features similar simple, arpeggiated synths and drums that stand out in the mix. Lots of these sounds are pretty commonplace, like excessive side-chaining or sped up soul samples, but Dripping Gems is definitely distinct in the tastefulness of his production.

To whittle down Dripping Gems’ music into its simplest forms isn’t all fair, though. A lot of what works here is the atmosphere and the more intangible aspects of the music. Many of his tracks feel brooding and atmospheric, and the sounds on Issues are ultimately astral – dreamy, whimsical compositions made with a careful ear and clean production sensibilities.

Check out a ton of work by Anderson and pay what you want for Issues on bandcamp.

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