Aristophanes 貍貓: 左右為難 Left And Right (prod. by Lidly)


Aristophanes貍貓, whose namesake is the Athenian playwright of the 4th century BC, is a Taipei-based MC who flows in Mandarin. She’s gained some popularity this week after being profiled in the FADER, but she’s been in the game for at least 2 years, quietly releasing buttery smooth beats and flows on her Soundcloud. Slated to be a contributing artist on Grimes’ upcoming album, Aristophanes’ own music features her rapping over jazz influenced beats and with incredibly expressive delivery. Her flow transitions from sing-songy falsetto to intensely aggressive murmurs. From my limited understanding of Mandarin I can only catch bits and pieces of her message, but, according to her profile on Dummy Mag, “the lyrical content, too, is impressive: there are her own interpretations of classical Chinese tales, references to Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, explorations of democracy and capitalism, as well as thoughts on new life being brought into the world.”

Definitely check out her Soundcloud for more. ?

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