No Smoking 2015 Manifesto

No Smoking Media is a music discovery blog and curation project, promoting artful and creative music regardless of press coverage.

When No Smoking was conceived, it was through a Google Doc in March 2014. Editing haphazardly in purple and pink, we transcontinentally tried to figure out what exactly No Smoking was going to be. It was clear from the onset that we didn’t want to use the “music review website” template, hierarchically dictating taste to readers or using facebook likes as a metric for worthiness. We wanted to judge the music solely on creative merit, and to present the music in a way that did justice to the artists, rather than convenience to the readers or profit to the journalists.

The one word that kept coming up for us was curate.

We embark into 2015 with an emphasis on curation. It’s important for us to support other artists and creatives in the DIY scene, and collaborate to make awesome content rather than drowning in our own taste. We’re going to be regularly presenting several new features that feature fresh perspectives and tastes outside our own – playlists, interviews, creative writing, and commentary.

At just a little over three months old, we are floored by our growth and the community’s receptiveness to our own DIY project. No Smoking has matured both as a project and an artistic vision, and we couldn’t be happier to continue showcasing bands and artists that deserve recognition.

So, to belatedly celebrate the new year and showcase some of our visions for No Smoking in 2015 – and give a taste of what’s to come – we humbly premiere Sun Songs by The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman.

Also in the spirit of collaboration, if you’d like to write or contribute for us please click here.

Keep an eye out for the LIVE SHOWS we’re presenting in 2015 in addition to some sweet ass content.

Caroline and Jon

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