Photos from OSHUN, Zenizen, zetetics @ Aviv

OSHUN at Aviv for No Smoking Media

This past Friday, we had a killer event at Brooklyn DIY warehouse venue Aviv with sets from OSHUN, Zenizen, and zetetics. The night began with a delightfully psychedelic and variegated set from zetetics, the new project from Amani Fela and Sun Looks Down. They just released a new track, which you can listen to here. Sandwiched in the middle was the vibey beat-soul duo Zenizen, who regaled us with a series of mind-boggling beats and catchy, hard-hitting vocals. Finally, the night was closed by the goddesses themselves, OSHUN, who have probably the most amazing live band I’ve ever seen in my life. The live visuals were handled by parameter-fiddling prodigy Dominick Chang, and we had a slew of photographers and videographers (vids coming soon!) to capture the amazingness. Check out the full photoset (downloadable) on flickr. Photos by Caroline B and Olivia Latney.

Aviv in Brooklyn


OSHUN at Aviv for No Smoking Media

OSHUN band NYC performing at aviv

OSHUN at Aviv for No Smoking Media

OSHUN for No Smoking media in NYC Brooklyn band


Zenizen at Aviv for No Smoking Media

Photo of Zenizen by Caroline B.

Photo of Zenizen x Amani Fela at aviv in brooklyn band


Amani Fela with zetetics

Photo of zetetics by Caroline B.

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