The Breathing Effect: Cold Meteor Showers

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The Breathing Effect is a virtuosic jazz fusion duo with roots in both Los Angeles and New York. Their new track Cold Meteor Showers (released via the ever-awesome Alpha Pup Records) is absolutely mind-blowing, and you can stream it just below.

The track begins with a swirling synth line which spins the listener round and round before orienting him with a concise and clean hi-hat driven beat. Drippy synth tones are layered on bit by bit as the track progresses – and indeed, progression is the name of the game for the Breathing Effect. It’s not proggy in a sense that’s disruptive or clunky, though; each segment of the song is smoothly laid-out and seems to breathe (excuse my punning) with an effortless flow which is finessed so well by those well-versed in jazz. The more I listen to this track, the more I become convinced that writing about it is kind of a futile exercise. Chords speak more loudly than words, and “Cold Meteor Showers” is extremely successful in showering the listener with a variety of tonal approaches and interpretations that are at once entrancing and seductive. It’s both thoughtful and thoughtless music – there’s restraint at play, but also something effortless and free which is harder to describe. I almost want to make a reference to Tame Impala, because as the track artwork and title imply, this is truly spaced-out music. At the five-minute mark, the feel changes drastically to a more driving and energetic vibe – a truly compelling climax to a wonderfully well-developed track. Honestly I’m on board with any band that puts out a seven minute sonic exploration in place of a hooky ‘single’; this isn’t some technical math rock crap full to the brim with unnecessary polyrhythms. This is breath, this is life! Hehe. I’m so contrite today.

Anyway, you can keep up with The Breathing Effect on social media, stream their old EP on bandcamp, and more importantly you can hear them jam out tonight at Nola, Darling for Munchies II!


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