When I stumbled upon SUPERTEEN on bandcamp, the Massachusetts rock outfit managed to dispel my preconceived notions about a band titled “SUPERTEEN”. Frontman Samuel Robinson’s vocals are nothing short of outstanding, a clear protagonist to the band’s fervent debut: SUPERTEEN’s 2013 album is an interesting blend of both psychedelic and post-punk sounds.

On “Heater”, the scathing and harrowing opener to Exponential SUPERTEEN , we hear a really artfully executed piece of music. It’s cohesive – the lyrics are intelligent and introspective:

What do you eat?
I try not to.
How do you subsist?
I don’t know if I do.

Knowledge is power, so I read and metabolize.
Digital, analog, assimilate and stabilize.

Robinson delivers the lyrics with vitriol, becoming increasingly frenetic and raw as the song crescendos into militaristic drums and screeching guitar. Perhaps it’s intentional, but “Heater”‘s nomenclature reminds me of Slint’s “Washer” – the post-hardcore influence is apparent in SUPERTEEN’s sound, but I would argue that SUPERTEEN is doing something unique and interesting.

Exponential SUPERTEEN is not a perfect album, but certainly a worthy showcase of the impressive amount of potential this band has.

You can support SUPERTEEN buy buying their music on Bandcamp.

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