Stray Echo: Ground (feat. Lolo) [VIDEO]

Stray Echo: Ground

Stray Echo is a NYC-based electronic pop producer who just dropped a pretty flame music video for his only existing single “Ground.” The single premiered via Wild Honey Pie, meaning that this isn’t exactly bedroom pop, and the video (which is growing on me more each second that I watch it) was directed by Brandt Imhoff. Check out the vid below.

I have to say, the video for this track pretty much blows the track itself out of the water. Not that the track isn’t well-produced, interesting, or catchy – it is all of these things – but the video is just so goddamn appealing. I ran into this same problem when my band released a stop-motion animated music video, because people would always comment on its visual appearance but not so much its sonic vibes. The imagery is composed of both digital (bleep bloop) and organic textures (people, bright colors), and it doesn’t seem to tell an over-arcing story so much as it paints the colors of a developing romantic relationship played out in the lyrics (which are also literally painted out on the video). If I had one critique of this track, it would be that it’s very rhythmically repetitive and tonally simple. A pop song, meant to please many but agitate no one. Not everyone has to be experimental, I suppose.

You can keep up with Stray Echo on social media or on soundcloud. Yay.

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