Negros Americanos: Take Flight

Negros Americanos

Bilingual NJ-based hip-hop duo Negros Americanos released their debut tape Take Flight just yesterday, and I’m here to tell you that it’s pretty damn tight. These guys have always caught my eye as rappers who don’t take the rap game too seriously for their own good; their verses are often giggle-inducing and the subject material often concerns the romantic game of MC Enigma and Bishop the Eastside Nappyhead. But don’t let me chat too much – listen for yourself!

It’s pretty telling that the track begins and ends with various females asking “when Negros Americanos” will play their respective country – these guys are in-demand, or at least they like to be perceived as such. Hehe. The verses are a little harder than what I’m used to – “Can You Ride It” and “Flowverdose” had much more mellow rhythms and delivery, but the hook of this track “TAKE FLIGHT” sounds closer to Wakka Flocka (or something like that). It’s always nice to see creative variety from my returning artists, though. The track isn’t particularly long, but should serve as a great intro to the full album for all you dear readers – I don’t really have complaints about it, either, which is pretty rare.

Negros Americanos, when are you coming to NYC? You can keep up with these guys on social media or stream the full album on bandcamp.

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