mus.hiba: smile (feat.Sekka Yufu)


Meet mus.hiba, a Japanese dude with an album called White Girl. Feminine appropriation aside (I’m looking at you Sophie, Karenn, Millie & Andrea), mus.hiba’s appeal is his superb curation of underground electronic artists, packaged into neat/chill remixes. smile is from mus.hiba’s massive 26 track bandcamp LP of remixes from the original White Girl, released on LA-based record label Zoom Lens.

smile could sound something like chillwave, except with more drums and choppy samples. It’s a soothingly serene beat, driven by something that could be a vocal sample, but probably not. Enjoy the smoothness of drums and synth pulses, dials being turned sharply, audio filters being maxed out, great fun being had. Etc.

It’s worth checking out some of the other artists remixed by mus.hiba – I’ve found some great underground electronic musicians from Japan and beyond. The other tracks on the album are definitely worth a listen, ranging from pulsing club-esque beats to sleepy ambient tunes more in the vein of “smile”.

You can keep up with mus.hiba on social media or get this shit for free on bandcamp.

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