gay angel: floral

floral cover

You’re probably looking at this and the YouTube streaming link thinking, “oh, cool, this is a music video premiere!” Little did you know, floral is a hundred-track alternative folk album composed by Jake Bellissimo (alias gay angel) and performed by many of his friends. The album ranges from neo-classical atonal compositions to cloying, endearing folk numbers, and I gotta say, I’m impressed by the sheer quantity (and quality) of collaborations of which it is composed.

“floral” features a marching band-esque dance-hall feel, complete with horns and mallets and talented female vocalist. The video centers around a pink tulip being carried around urban areas, including some coy shots of the cameraman (Jake, probably? Video is made by Ben Escobar) holding the flower in front of a mirror, the flower in front of a bong toke, the flower in front of a fireplace, and so on. The strings and clicking percussive elements are extremely pleasant and lend a noticeably unique feel to an arrangement which directly acknowledges its influences with a reference to Edith Piaf. All in all, it’s very charming and compelling – I’ll give you a glimpse of the excellent writing:

the city says it’s in repose, but i’d argue it’s about to explode. i’m sure édith piaf wouldn’t allow this, she’d find some way to make it bliss through vintage photographs and what we calm our minds with! i’m sure she’ll come save the day someday, it is just a matter of how long i’ll really wait.

The full, 100-track version of floral was released in four ‘bouquets’ which can be purchased via gay angel’s bandcamp. You can also keep up with him on social media. Yay!

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