froyo ma: think @bt

froyo ma - think @bt

It hasn’t been too long since we last heard from beatmaker froyo ma. Something like three weeks, I think. “think @bt” is a short but sweet jam that marks a notable step away in tone from his last EP, pants. I’ll cut straight to the point for this one – lately, I’ve been trying to match tracks in their respective short-or-long-windedness.

The foundation of this track is a pulsingly percussive synth tone (I think?) which is often the subject of intense delay and modulation. A pretty standard-sounding bass lick is the second element introduced to the track, followed by sultry looped vocal parts which are also subtly layered in an almost orchestral way. We’re eventually treated to lyrics, too (“I love it when you laugh at my jokes,” he sings, and as per the track info he’s singing to a bag of sand). I think my favorite part of this track is how the main hook is faded out then gradually re-built in a similar fashion that doesn’t feel similar at all. I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job explaining myself – but a primary talent / idiosyncrasy of froyo ma is his ability to re-work a theme time and time again in a strikingly small space (i.e. short track, many re-hashes of melody). Needless to say, I like it. I want more. I was just given a taste of that new new about three weeks after a larger bite, and it’s safe to say that there’s an appreciable consistency to all of this stuff.

Keep up with froyo ma on twitter and buy his album on Bandcamp.

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