Dawn Geometry: Versicolor


Dawn Geometry is the sound laboratory of Parisian graphic designer and analog sound-crafter Alexandre Edenne, full of mysterious sounds and impossible shapes to go with them. Fans of Tycho will need to read no farther – you will definitely like this music (design-minded types seem extremely skilled at crafting sounds and images which are exquisite pairs). Similarly, one could completely forgo reading what I’ve written about this piece if one simply looks at the image the guy made to go with the song.

“Veriscolor” is a swirling synth exploration, beginning with quiet space chords which are gradually built up with layers of arpeggiation until the bass thump makes its way into the mix. It’s difficult to identify a bass groove because there isn’t really a bassline to be found, just swirling tones above the single thump. Texture after texture is added to the mixture of synth pads, making for an enchanting and almost befuddling listen (in a good way). Just before two minutes of the track have elapsed, recognizable melodies start making their way out of the mix. By the halfway point in the track, we realize that the swirling synths DO act as a bassline, and an extremely noticeable melody takes precedence over what was before an ambient track. “Versicolor” is like a giant crescendo made of an impossible amount of textures, building into an extremely strange and digital-sounding climax which is ultimately pleasing.

If you wanna hear more from Dawn Geometry, check out his Soundcloud.

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