ONWE: jk bb


ONWE isn’t a band – ONWE is a brand. ONWE Corp is going to take over your life, and David Welles is eventually going to become your new capitalist love-god. The ex-model and cyberpunk hails from Bushwick, a changing land he is determined to save (apparently by means of raining money animations coordinated with guitar wails).

“jk bb” is a pretty weird track, landing somewhere between a misplaced 80s distorted-guitar-glamour and… well… I don’t know. I almost feel like this song was made specifically for this music video, but I’d heard the track before I saw the video, so that doesn’t make any sense (unless David is thinking way ahead, which wouldn’t surprise me). Some favorite moments from this exercise in excess of subliminal stimulation are the lyrics “smoke weed then die” accompanied by superimposed American Spirit cartons (“perverted capitalist tricks” preventing us from the beloved 420) and various shots of an apparently homeless man rolling up questionable plant matter (is it even plant matter?) into something to be smoked. Media Is Your God Bb.

ONWE is currently recording a full length release and will be touring Europe in January. Check out a few other tracks they’ve released on their bandcamp.

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