Native Eloquence: Jetties

Native Eloquence Jetties Album Cover

With the impressively wide breadth of both analog and digital instrumentation, it’s hard to believe Native Eloquence is the handiwork of only one musician. Los Angeles-based Adam Hirsch peppers his dreamlike aural tapestries with unexpected flourishes: arpeggiated synths, hip-hop drums, hand claps, and guitars evocative of 60’s beach pop. Despite his diverse palate of sonic influences, Native Eloquence is consistent in creating a nautical dreaminess unique to his project.

“Jetties”, similar to Native Eloquence’s eponymous 2012 EP, demonstrates Hirsh’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist and background as a jazz musician. All of “Jetties”‘s sounds are intentionally maritime, lyrics heavily referencing the ocean (“when I’m the field at dawn and you’re the breaking sun / so much for my sea faring”) and delivered drenched in dreamlike reverb. The instrumentation is similarly reverberated – even the thunderous drums that appear later in the song sound distant and submerged. Ultimately, Native Eloquence is a self-contained ecosystem.

You can find Native Eloquence on bandcamp, or you can check out his label Stereocure.

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