froyo ma: in the sea

froyo ma: in the sea

New Orleans-based beatcrafter froyo ma has sure been busy lately. Since dropping his debut EP pants, he’s been playing shows around the states (I recently saw him do a quick and dirty set at Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right) and dropping one-off tracks. Today, we’re happy to share with you one of those loner tracks, but this time a demo entitled “in the sea” (Zack notes on soundcloud: “hey whats up i lost the project file for this so ill never finish it so i figured id drop it”). It’s feelsy and groovy, and probably the most guitar-based track we’ve heard from froyo ma to date. Check it out.

I would say that the most defining characteristic of recent froyo ma releases is the increasingly prominent role that Zack’s vocals play in each composition. Despite his capability to hit some super-pleasant falsettos, Zack usually opts for insistently wistful lower-octave delivery during the verses, creating a soulful and nostalgic vibe that permeates the track. Outside of vocals, this number features a clangy-yet-underwater-sounding guitar loop or three and the usual super-strong Villere bass line palette. I’m inclined to make a comparison to fellow online-beatmaker TOPAZ who also mixes guitar loops with dank basslines and hushed, layered vocals. It’s always crazy to me when one human is able to create such a lush and diverse soundscape – the music of froyo ma, if nothing else, is indicative of an inner creativity which simply can’t be contained. It makes sense, then, that Zack also designs his own artwork for each of his tracks; this is the work of a complete artist, someone who likes to control every aspect of his work. Definitely stay tuned for more.

for now I’ll just imagine when the world falls down in the sea, world falls down in the sea

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