Limalo: Poppy Blossoms

Limalo is an Austin-based electronic duo composed of Jesse Darling and Jordan Smith, and the influence of the psychedelic on Limalo’s music is apparent: fractals, nature, and hyper-saturation are ubiquitously present on their artwork,  and song titles hold nods to spirituality and the cosmos. Their most recent album, Oasis of Days, is tagged with “nostalgia” and “analog,” but the sounds they make are far from stuck in the past — perhaps memory plays a role in new compositions, but this is no retro regurgitation. “Poppy Blossoms” is a relatively short yet enrapturing highlight of the album which neither molds to the expectations of listeners nor provides causal clues for the origins of its sonic footprint (somewhere between glitch and ambient and world music). SoundCloud tags reveal “floweringindia” as a characterization of the piece, and its transcendental bent is solidified by the earthy vibes and dreamy streaks of delay. The full album is definitely worth checking out if you’re into music to accompany your gaze into the infinite void.

(taken from their bandcamp): music / nature / love / the psychedelic experience / nostalgia / dreams

Listen to their album Oasis of Days on Soundcloud, buy it on Bandcamp.

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