Notta Comet: Goon Glang [VIDEO PREMIERE]

Notta Comet: Goon Glang

Notta Comet is an “unsettling indie” / art-rock band hailing from Montréal, QC, and we are very happy to premiere their video for “Goon Glang” (made entirely by one Max Taeuschel). I first heard about these guys when my old band was trying to play a show up in their hometown, and I gotta say, there’s a reason why they’ve associated themselves with Bard College / Exploding in Sound sonic wizards and heavy rockers Palm. Notta Comet fucking shreds. The EP that “Goon Glang” comes from, Embankments, is nowhere near my ordinary taste; where my comfort zone includes ambient noise and long-form compositions, Embankments is abrupt and harsh and avant-garde. Still, being outside of my comfort zone hasn’t stopped me from listening to this thing more than twenty times since they first sent the record to me. This thing ages like a fine wine. Anyway, without further ado, the video for “Goon Glang”!

The vid begins with singer-bassist Crawford prone on a layer of fluffy snow, talk-singing the opening lyrics (“I collapsed on Rue Coloniale and wondered what to do”) before quick shots of fruit and an alarm clock weasel are spliced in. Then we shift to an amazingly pleasant and crisp frame of the band playing an instrumental break, framed by goofy textures and the apparent repeated theme of fruit arrangements. Around two minutes in, we’re treated to an extra-heavy guitar-and-vocals breakdown which is paired visually with what appears to be a melting bird ornament and some mysterious white cream being drizzled on sneakers and a VHS tape of Jurassic Park… sexual? Nostalgic? Psychedelic? Most likely, it’s all of the above. Weirdly enough, the end of this track in terms of tone reminds me strongly of Metz, who in general are far more aggressive and less intellectual than the wondrously seductive and witty Notta Comet. Maybe they should tour. (Right? Right?)

All in all, the video for “Goon Glang” is not only fittingly fucked, but actually expands significantly on my understanding of this track (which I was already pretty familiar with). You should definitely keep your eyes peeled for more from Notta Comet and buy their new album Embankments on bandcamp.

If there’s one thing that stays true in these modern times
It’s amazing what you can do with your mind
Put your thoughts through a sieve for your security
Or quickly remedy your chronic lack of company

Info taken from Bandcamp re: inspiration for “Goon Glang”: This is a weird fuckin’ verse[.] This is a verse about one David Himillsy Dodd resident of May’s Landing NJ in his attempt to be the first person to bike the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge tunnel. But early on he encountered a problem: to have a goal required an objective, an objective required an object and he did not wish to engage in the process of reification with one of the most important taxpayer-funded transit arterials of the Delmarva Peninsula region. Undaunted, he left his home outside May’s Landing, NJ, cycled down the turnpike, crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge south of Philadelphia, crossed the entirety of the great state of Delaware and arrived at the entrance of the aforementioned bridge-tunnel complex which was originally designed to provide an efficient trucking route from the Norfolk-Hampton Roads metropolitan area to points north of the Delaware Valley while avoiding the congestion that characterizes the Baltimore-Washington conurbation but which has instead led to the creation of a number of bedroom communities in the southern portion of the Virginia peninsula.

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