Lucki Eck$ – X

X by Lucki Eck$

Lucki Eck$ is a Chicago-based rapper who specializes in monotone, drugged-out ambient raps rich in his own experience. We’ve seen him previously on his Body High mixtape and various singles dropped over the past year; X is a continuation of his style as well as Lucki’s debut in production.

With the closest thing to a self-titled project that we’ve seen from the newly-19 year old Chicago alternative trapper, “X” is a project chock full of mood swings, jumping from dark corners of intoxication to confident bangers. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Lucki follows suit with his first two projects, not letting any one track overstay its druggy welcome. While his flow and lyricism haven’t developed far past “Body High” levels, Lucki does sound more confident and comfortable within his barred out, laid back (even lazy) delivery. But what brings me back to this mixtape for listen after listen is the brilliant production from a team that includes return contributions from previous collaborators Plu20 Nash and SKYWLKR, as well as newcomers such as Boathouse, Bulletproof Dolphin, and Black Noise. The track “Stevie Wonder” features production from Chicago legend Young Chop, as well as a verse from Chance the Rapper, two huge co-signs for a 19 year old rapper building his brand.

“X” also marks Lucki’s own debut in the realm of production, and I’m very intrigued by what I hear: the three tracks credited to Lucki are easily my favorites on the tape. “Lowlife,” “Mac and Cheese,” and “Birdgang” all ride on top of a chopped and screwed vocal sample, further nods to Lucki’s emerging Houston connection (as evidenced by the Paul Wall/Mike Jones sample on “Still Steal”). Catch a download of “X” and keep a look out for even more new Lucki promised to be coming soon.

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