Keiandra: Icing Sugar


Across the great Atlantic there’s a storm brewing. And no, not just El Niño — I’m referring to upcoming dream-pop songwriter and vocalist Keiandra. Geographically, she resides in Newcastle, England: sonically, she hovers somewhere between gentle siren and waking dream. Weaving melodies as sweet as the titular track would suggest, Keiandra’s newest release is the second single from her upcoming Empty Palaces EP. You can, of course, stream the track below:

At first glance, Icing Sugar would appear minimalist, but a closer listen reveals rich layers of atmosphere and reverberated sound that quietly brew beneath the songstress’ melodies. Producer James Hall forgoes the synths to make a gentle tapestry of Keiandra‘s voice, which comes across with a full-blooded, cinematic, chamber-like feel. Stuttering drums drive the track forward, reverberated so heavily they sound like they’re floating in outer space. And that voice: velvety, dexterous, bewitching. Among all the 80’s dream-pop inspired musicians that have emerged in recent years, Keiandra feels more contemporary and unwavering in her conviction, even at the intimidatingly young age of 18.

As we mentioned, she’s releasing an EP on the 11th of March. Keep up with her on Soundcloud or Facebook.

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