Cult Choir: In My Dreams / Too Many Miles

cult choir

Portland-based lo-fi goth rocker Cult Choir has cultivated a new weird form of singer-songwriting on his newest video snippet for “In My Dreams.” Last time we heard from Shane, he had just released an LP ; now he’s preparing to drop another one, with tons of DIY video content. Check it out below.

Shane’s songwriting reminds me simultaneously of The Antlers, Father John Misty, Sufjan Stevens, and even some Bon Iver thrown in there (I mean that last one only in the best way possible). It’s intelligently-arranged and varied dark nostalgia pop, I’d say. But that’s being reductive, of course. Words and music sometimes just do not do each other justice. Definitely some folky, americana-associated vibes going on here – I’m definitely excited to hear some of the deep cuts from this upcoming album, the latest in Shane’s sultry songwriterly evolution.

You can keep up with Cult Choir on social media or stream more music on bandcamp.

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